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BROKER - US Biz MLS Listing Rules

Brokers are not required to submit all their listings to US Biz MLS, however, they should cooperate with other Brokers in the Sale of Listings which are listed in the US Biz MLS. There is no limit on the number of listings you can post in US Biz MLS. Remember, Exposure is the Key to Receiving More Buyer Inquiries and this is Free Advertising!

The Listings are merely Descriptions and in essence are just Listing Ads designed to illicit buyer response. The Descriptions must be factual and not misleading. Brokers can post a Listing by Logging into their Registered Account page, which is created when they Register as a Broker Registrant.

Many owners who have their Business for Sale do not want their Business Names and Addresses published in Internet Public View, so Seller Names and Addresses are not Listed in our Listing Descriptions.

Brokers can only post "exclusive" listings which must be signed by the Business Owner or Corporate Officer and must state a termination date. The name of the Business and Physical Address and Owner Contact Phone Number of the Business must be submitted on the Listing that is entered into the US Biz MLS. The Business Name, Address, Owner and Contact Telephone Number will not appear in the Description which the Broker posts and it will not be shared with anyone. We need the Business Name and Address to prevent abuse; such as "pseudo" listings. If a Broker were to enter false information with the intent of gaining more ad response, e.g., incredibly low asking price, false earnings, etc., we will cancel their registration. Our Free Listings cannot be used in Bait and Switch tactics which could gain unfair advantage over other Broker Listings. We will not divulge the Business Listing Name or Address to anyone and no one except the Listing Broker can enter their Account page, which is only accessed by password and username.

The Broker must remove listings from the US Biz MLS upon expiration of the Listing or upon the execution of a Sales Purchase Agreement of such listing.

To Register Free as a Broker Registrant, complete the Short Registration and we will instantly email a confirmation. Click on the link provided in the email to set up your listing account. This is a security check to prevent abuse.

To Register,